"Alexis and Sacha Lichine – Russian winemakers of France" exhibition at the Alexander Solzhenitsyn Center

On the evening of November 28 the exhibition “Alexis and Sacha Lichine – Russian winemakers of France” prepared by the Alexander Solzhenitsyn Center for studies of the Russian émigrés opened at the Center in Moscow. The exhibition focused on the Lichine family history including how both Alexis and Sacha have impacted the world of wine from the early 1950’s to present times.
Sacha was on hand to be introduced by the Center’s Director, Viktor Moskin who mentioned that the exhibit “opens a new name for Russia” and that “the biography of the dynasty of winemakers Lichine embodied the history of our country: pre-revolutionary Russia, the hardships of emigration and finally a brilliant success. Lichine were able to organize a successful business. The brand name of wine “Lichine” is well known in France and all over the world.”
Among the guest in the opening ceremony participated the press attaché of Trade Mission UBIFRANCE of French Embassy in Russia M.Smirnova; Head of the State Archive of the Russian Federation L.Petrusheva, executive secretary of the International Union of Russian Compatriots E.Tabachnikov; Press Secretary of the authorized by President to protect the rights of entrepreneurs N.Sluchevsky, well known restaurateur and chef in Russia Eric Le Provost, Director of the Department of Work with Compatriots Abroad (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
The exhibit ran through mid January 2013.