AUSTIN FOOD MAGAZINE Five Delicious ways to Rosé All Day

As we move into yet another rosé season I found the perfect excuse to hang out with friends, and lineup a few of our favorite placed rosés in town. There were really no rules, and no charts, simply a path lined with layers of flavor and blushing complexity, that lead to sunshine filled patios and full bellies. If you attempt to recreate this, responsibly choose any number of the selections below, as we did. Here’s how the day unfolded…


Salt of the earth and the sea are brought together with southern styled finesse at Searsucker Austin. Embrace your “go-big” comfort amongst the vast selection of hearty plates, and chic barnyard styled dining room containing large open spaces, using rope & hide accents, and oversized couch seating.

Rosé | Whispering Angel – Château d’Esclans, Côtes de Provence Rosé

Delicate and lightly peach in color the Whispering Angel balances a berry forward bouquet complimented with a dry finish makes this bottle an obvious accompaniment to any of my summer gatherings. Served by the bottle, I suggest inviting friends along, and pair this cherub inspired bottle with small & shareable happy hour edible favorites like shrimp + cream cheese grits + smoked paprika butter, or squid “sweet heat” & sour apples.

By Cris Mueller