Chicago Tribune

A bottle on ice is nice, but how about ice in wine?

The wine tasting panel decided to find out. Six wines were poured and tasted at 74 degrees: two whites, two rosés, two reds. Then each glass got one ice cube. The panel came back and retested several minutes later when the ice had melted. Panelists looked to see if the wines would taste watery when the ice was added. Tasters thought the addition of ice did not improve taste or aroma for most wines. Only two wines, a California chardonnay and a French rosé, scored higher with ice added.
2008 Chateau d’Esclans Rosé Whispering Angel: There’s a sweet-tart nose to this rosé from Côtes de Provence. A raspberry flavor gives way to a citrus finish. The ice brings out the fruit. $20 YES ICE.