CHUBBY HUBBY- Summer Wine Drinking

by Wai Xin
For those who really prefer not to dabble in whites, consider a rosé. The pink wine, sometimes seen as a ladies’ drink or a drink that lacks masculinity, has not traditionally been a big favourite among men. In the same shop where I tasted the Pinot Grigio, a bottle of Provence rosé, Whispering Angel, may just change your perspective on the pink beverage.
A rosé that should not be missed.
Don’t be deceived by the clear salmon orange candy water look– Whispering Angel packs elegance with its bright fresh acidity and aromas. Floral notes, red berries with a hint of rocks, this is an easy to drink wine that pairs well with lighter-flavoured foods . Retailing between S$50 (US$40) to S$60 (US$47), this is a beautiful entry-level wine from a producer that should not be missed. Don’t be surprised if you hear angels whispering into your ear . This baby has 14 per cent alcohol.