FOOD AND WINE- Château d'Esclans

Oak Adds Another Dimension
Those partial to whiskey might get a special kick out of rosé aged in wooden barrels. To understand the effect the wood has, just make your way through the collection of wines available from Château D’Esclans, a winery in the Côtes de Provence (the southeastern-most area of France). Though their Whispering Angel Rosé 2013 ($20) is vinified (or fermented) entirely in stainless steel barrels, their Château D’Esclans Rosé 2013 ($35) spends half its time in oak, resulting in a bolder, more complex wine that takes on some of the nutty qualities of the wood. Meanwhile, Château D’Esclans Les Clans Rosé 2012 ($70) is aged for 11 to 12 months solely in oak barrels, for a buttery richness that cushions and envelops the fruit flavors. (It’s absolutely delicious.)
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