FRENCH OAK TV- The New Pink?

Like many Americans, I have never been convinced that rosé is a “real” wine. I thought of it as a fun beverage that is really only suited for the beach or summer gatherings on the patio, I would have never ordered a rose from a restaurant or served it with dinner. Lucky for me, the Provencial tasting last Wednesday shattered my stereotypes.
The last table I tasted at was absolutely phenomenal but it was definitely in a different price range than the previous two. Chateau D’Esclans had three different roses ranging from $20 to $60. All three were wonderful but I have to admit their top wine was really special. The delicate herbal nose could not have prepared me for how bold the wine was in the palate. It was a truly delightful wine. If I had $60 to spend on wine I do not know if rosé would be my first choice, but if I had $60 to spend on rosé, this would definitely be it.
Couldn’t make all four trade tastings in Boston this week? Don’t worry, I went for you! Stay tuned to hear all about my local European tour… – RB
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