Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Wine and Spirit Picks Inspired by TV’s Sitcom Moms

June Cleaver (Barbara Billingsly) famously vacuumed her house while wearing pearls. That’s either a class act or supreme repression. We think it’s classy. And for such a classy Mom, what beverage might she sneak a small mouthful when the Beav, Wally and Ward were away? It has to be French and we think a French Rose from Château d’Esclans located just north of St.-Tropez, a place we imagine June Cleaver would have loved to visit. The 2012 “Les Clans” Rosé is very light and nearly opaque in color with plum, hazelnut notes, whispers of pineapple and lime, dried cherry and ginger with backnotes of black licorice on the finish. Full-bodied, yet elegant, it’s made with Grenache and Vermentino turning workhorse grapes into a classy wine. ($65, esclans.com)

les clans

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