LA CONFIDENTIAL- Sommelier Selected Fall Wines

By Caroline Pardilla
David Jones, wine manager and sommelier of The Peninsula Beverly Hills, is focused on robust wines for autumn. “We don’t have much of a fall in Beverly Hills… but I do see a slight swing to more full-bodied wines as the seasonal menus get a bit heartier.” Jones sees lovers of chilled white wines transitioning to chilled dry rosés that get their richness from contact with their red grape skins. “The rosé that seems to have swept the market lately is Château d’Esclans’s Whispering Angel. This is a Grenache-based wine from a château that only makes rosé,”? he explains. ?“The wine is dry, with no residual sugar, and with watermelon and strawberry flavors lasting on the tongue. Because it has more body, it pairs well with a wide range of foods.?”
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