LIFESTYLE ASIA Brosé: Why real men should drink pink

Pounding the pink



Like with all great drops, rosé is as much about the experience of drinking it as it is about the actual drink itself. And while it’s hard to pair with food, for Yip, “Hong Kong’s humid summers are perfect rosé weather” — the crispy freshness and hint of fruitiness are the perfect foil for our often inhospitable weather. Chill it, and enjoy yours at 16 to 18 degrees to get a hit of all that your bottle has to offer.

It’s true, too, that as more rosé varieties enter the market, there’s an increasingly wider colour spectrum — maybe even more so than reds and whites. While it’s not easy to find a good rosé that doesn’t come from Provence, one thing to look for regardless of provenance is colour, or at least lack of it. If your rosé is matching the daring polo shirt you wore to last month’s junk, you’re not doing it right. Look for transparency, even invisibility — these are the more refined vintages.
As for what to drink? The 2014 Miraval Rosé – Côtes de Provence is an absolute must-try, a mild floral nose giving way to a crisp hit of red berries. We also love the 2007 Château D’esclans les Clans Rosé, which, made from grenache grapes from 80-year-old vines, is as sophisticated as rosé gets.

By Nik Addams

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