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Inspired by Peter Mayle’s “Encore Provence,” we’ve wanted to visit Provence for some time now. When it comes to wine, romantic tones of lavender and pale pink characterize the colorful charm of Provence, the lovely coastal region of southern France. Our LifeStyle editor cruised around the Riviera in search of the finest of pink potions.

As September drew to a close, we caught the last rays of summer in Provençal vineyards, organic vegetable gardens, olive groves, orchards; everywhere lush and tempting, a garden of Eden where one can discover oneself. The warmth of the sun beaming down on the Mediterranean coast: how better to enjoy this than with a carafe or two in the unpretentious rural atmosphere of a vineyard?

A bit of lavender embellishment allows grapes to ripen; the fragrant pink wine of Provence sets one heart free. If you haven’t visited a winery in person, I’m afraid you’ll never be able to imagine the emotion and sunshine that goes into each bottle. Southern France is truly the place for a luxurious rural escape.

The King of Pink Charm: Chateau d’Esclans

If you’re ready to go for a more luxury option, Chateau d’Esclans Garrus Rosé Wine is definitely an essential part of the billionaire yacht parties in St. Tropez. Only 18,000 bottles are produced per year, priced at over 100 Euros per bottle; it’s worth every drop though, with high ratings from noted wine connoisseurs such as Jancis Robinson and Robert Parker.

Strolling through the 19th century Tuscan-style Chateau d’Esclans, we sadly did not meet the local lord, Sacha Lichine (heir to France’s “wine pope” Alexis Lichine), but we did meet his Golden Retrievers. The two dogs bounded up to us, joyous and friendly; accustomed as these animals are to the scent of fine wines, I found myself wondering: would dogs selecting wine prefer a more fruity bouquet, or a rich butter and mineral scent?

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