MEMOIRS OF A CHOCOHOLIC- Chateau d' Esclans Wine Pairing Dinner @ Chinoz KLCC

Pink is quickly becoming my favourite colour…

I was there a little early, so I milled around, sipping on bubbly and was struck by how beautiful the wines are – they looked almost magical, glowing from within. When I looked at the label and read “Whispering Angel”, I thought, “What a fitting name!”:
An array of beautiful wines…
Gorgeous glow…

– Following a few short words from our hosts, we started off with the Asiatic Hors d’oeuvres, a mix of spiced “popcorn” shrimp, “roti jala” duck and a foie gras maki: Matched with a Chateau d’ Esclans Whispering Angel
3 different types of yummy appetizers…

While it tasted refreshing because it was lightly chilled, flavour-wise the wine held its own very well, with a sophisticated mix of tastes and (again, surprisingly) medium body. It was also relatively dry as compared to the rosés I have tasted thus far.
– Black Cod with Abalone: Matched with a Chateau d’ Esclans Les Clans and a Chateau d’ Esclans Les Clans Garrus.

As for the 2 wines, both went matched well with the fish – each with their own elegance and varying complexities. They were both delicious, of course,… but it was the Garrus (which is the pride of the winery) that stood out to me. It has an added depth of woodiness to the already beautifully complex bouquet, and an impressively long finish.
I really liked this wine and I wish I could describe it better… 🙁
Anyway, to sum it up in simple words, it was DELICIOUS, YUMMY, WONDERFUL. 🙂

– Sous vide Lamb Loin with Sze Zhuan Pepper: Matched with a Chateau d’ Esclans Whispering Angel Rouge.

– 3 very talented and affable men:
(They are not on the menu, but definitely an important part of that night…)
A sincere love for wine makes the world a smaller, happier place, right? :)…

It was wonderful that the very experienced and passionate Gert Lehmann from Chateau D’Esclans had flown in all the way from Europe to share his knowledge and love of rosé wines with us.
(Hopefully one day I can really visit this beautiful winery, owned by the famous Sacha Lichine, in the Provence region of France)