MONEY WEEK A whispering angel to guide you to the summer


2016 Whispering Angel, Sacha Lichine, Caves d’Esclans, Côtes de Provence, France. £110 per case (12 x 75cl); £115 per case (6 x 150cl); £52 each (300cl); £145 each (600cl). Prices are in bond and delivery will be before Easter 2017. Contact 020-7549 7900 or is offering this extraordinary wine en primeur until 28 February and I am told that these prices represent a significant saving on the eventual retail pricing structure for this terrific vintage.

Whispering Angel is the world’s most famous rosé and it has an unenviable task set before it each year – to raise its own bar in order to impress all of the people who have fallen for this angel’s charms since passionate pioneer Sacha Lichine launched it over a decade ago. This property makes the finest rosés in the world and 2013 Garrus, the top cuvée, appeared on this very page two years ago.

Whispering Angel is the “everyday” cuvée and it is epic in 2016. The colour is the palest coral pink. The texture, fast-becoming a d’Esclans hallmark, is magically slippery, offset with tangy citrus and pink grapefruit notes over cool, river-stone minerality. This is a perfect Whispering Angel and it will appeal from the moment it is poured into your glass until the last sunset this summer.


By Matthew Jukes