January 10, 2022


By Ella Vermeulen


This wine got Adele through the lockdown.

Adele used to drink beers and G&Ts in the pub, but has since developed a more refined taste. As she sings in I Drink Wine: ‘Soaking it all up for fun, but now I only soak up wine.’
What kind of wine? Well, Whispering Angel, the beautiful pink rosé that is so deliciously Instagrammable (#whisperingangel yields 59,000+ hits), is easy to obtain and also a nice drink.


Adele (here with her drinking buddy Nicole Richie) told Vogue that she came home with ketchup and Whispering Angel on her first supermarket outing in lockdown. “It made me a barking dog. It certainly didn’t make me whisper,” said the singer.



Whispering Angel has been around for about 15 years and is the showpiece of Château d’Esclans… a wine estate north of Saint-Tropez in Provence. Möet Hennessy has had a majority share in it since 2019.


Martha Stewart and the Beckhams Celebs…


…until Malia Obama runs away with it (the latter might have been better off literally: she was spotted with it at a swimming pool in Miami when she was not yet of age).


When talk show host Stephen Colbert asked Lady Gaga how she relaxes, she replied, ‘I’ll lie down and cry like everyone else’ (it starts at 1am) to which he produced a chilled bottle of Whispering Angel and two glasses. It is a wine with an excellent image that says: ‘I have taste’, but also: ‘I have remained so modest’.



Is the wine worth the hype? Sommeliers conclude that it ‘slips like water’. The rosé is light, fresh and a bit creamy and is reminiscent of melon and long summer days in the south of France.
You can find it at any well-stocked liquor store, a bottle costs around 20 euros. That’s not a top prize. For half that money you can easily find a bottle of rosé that is just as tasty, but probably scores less on Instagram.