Once the wine is opened, figure 3 to 4 days max: 5 Questions

By Paul Vigna

Whispering Angel, from Provence, is just one of the wines that has pushed consumer interest in roses

There are retail wine specialists spread across Pennsylvania at many of its Fine Wine & Good Spirits Stores. They put on the tastings and offer purchasing suggestions to customers among their many tasks.

To tap into a little of their wine IQ, this week will start a “5 Questions With” series that I’d like to continue for awhile, hoping to provide some answers to my (and hopefully your) wine questions, whether its about a special product or price point or just something related to wine. If you have one, email me at

We’re starting this with Patti Meckley, a retail wine specialist at the York Marketplace store in York.

1, How popular is White Zinfandel these days and what are two of the biggest sellers?

White zin is still very popular – we sell Sutter Home and Beringer

2, Why do you see more interest in rose?

It’s largely a wine that female-consumed. Many have pretty packaging, very feminine, and that’s a plus for those buying. Some roses are $22 to $24 and people don’t have a problem with that; in fact, they’ll come ask for them.

3, What are a couple popular roses?

There’s Miraval (Jolie/PItt from Provence) and the Whispering Angel, almost anything from Provence is very popular. Every country has jumped onto that bandwagon and are producing roses. Also, Chairman’s Selections roses are very popular – the Hecht and Banner is absolutely stunning! They are perfect with BBQ foods and are extremely refreshing in summer heat. All are served chilled.

4, Do port sales stay steady year round, or do they rise in the winter?

Ports are very popular in the winter – but people do purchase them for Father’s day as gifts. There’s tawny port and ruby port . . . tawny has more of that roasted almond, cashew, honey character, while ruby has more of that candied cherry profile that pops in your mouth. They do last awhile, if stored properly. The Dow’s, Whisker Blake, Cockburn and Taylor Fladgate all sell extremely well, depending on price also. Serve it room temperature of slightly chilled.

5, Once you bring wine home, how long on average can you keep it and what’s the optimum place to store them?

A, I tell people, once the wine is opened, it may last approximately 3-4 days, depending on how they  store it. Whites and reds will not last long if people keep them in their kitchen near the stove. If they are stored in the basement, perhaps a little longer.