« Rock Angel’s » new look rocks on in 2016

We are pleased to announce a further rebranding of Château d’Esclans “Rock Angel” with the 2015 vintage. “Rock Angel”, which debuted with a redesigned label for the 2014 vintage, was extremely well received by trade and consumers to the extent that this new brand identity conceived by Sacha Lichine contributed towards bringing enthusiasts of Whispering Angel to new heights with Château d’Esclans “Rock Angel” giving them a wine with more intensity and richness. Prior to 2014, this estate bottled wine was simply known as Château d’Esclans.

The new design strives to further develop and create an alter ego to Whispering Angel; one that is less reserved and more flamboyant than the 2014 label.

Moreover, it builds on the success of the “Rock Angel” tag line “It all started with a whisper… Now it’s time to rock”.

Other noteworthy aspects to the new design include a diminished Château d’Esclans icon and an elevated “Rock Angel” logo making “Rock Angel” the lead visual element on the label boosting its distinctive look and feel.

The drawing of the two women is devised by the artist Hello Von, creating a striking image that is classical, yet contemporary through the pose as well as the juxtaposed wings on the heads. The womens’ heads wearing the wings brings a sense of allure and a mask ball spirit.

The “Rock Angel” name is related to the icon of the Angels at the alter to the Whispering Angel Chapel at Château d’Esclans and, in this case, speaks to the spirit of the wine’s discerning consumer base, inspired by the L.A. lifestyle.

Sacha continues to work with Design Bridge, the world’s largest independently owned package design firm, for this project. True to its consistent form as a fine wine, Château d’Esclans “Rock Angel” is crafted through a marriage of different styles used in the making of  Château d’Esclans’ wines.

The wine is partially fermented in stainless steel and in demi muid 600L French oak barrels in a Burgundian style vinification, blending the best of both methods. Similar to Whispering Angel, the beauty of “Rock Angel” is being recognized as a superb aperitif rosé, yet with the structure and complexity characteristic of the Château’s two super premium wines, “Les Clans” and “Garrus”. The result is a more complex wine which lingers on your palate and is ultimately more food driven.