Sacha Lichine visits the legendary Rockfeller Resort where his father was original wine consultant


Sacha Lichine pictured here with David Cimino

On Friday, November 8 Sacha Lichine was honored at a lunch hosted by David Cimino of Plaza Cellars at the famed Dorado Beach Resort on Puerto Rico. This auspicious event took place at Chef Jose Andres’ restaurant at the Resort, Micasa. In attendance were select members of the Plaza team in addition to approximately seventy people representing a cross between members of the resort and wine enthusaists many of whom have had the opportunity to enjoy The Dorado Beach House Pour (Chateau d’Esclans adorned with a specially created label). The lunch had full circle, Pilgramege like significance as the Dorado Beach Resort which opened its doors in December of 2012 was originally a Rock Resort owned by Laurence Rockefeller who enlisted the expertise of Sacha’s father, Alexis Lichine to write its first wine list in the 1960’s.