Wine Spectator’s 2009 Grand Tour

Chateau d’Esclans has been honored by the distinction to be part of The Wine Spectator’s 2009 Grand Tour which showcases 200 of the world’s finest wines.
The chateau’s top end wine, Garrus has been selected by The Spectator and the tour ran through Atlantic City, Chicago and Las Vegas beginning May 9 and concluding May 16.
Part of the criteria to be included at this premiere event is to be a top scoring selected wine by The Spectator. Towards that end, Garrus, which enjoys a 90 point Spectator rating, has been described by Managing Editor, Kim Marcus as “Very creamy and rich, with concentrated flavors of berry, cherry, pepper and spice.” Marcus goes on to note Garrus’ qualities of broadness and lushness on the minerally finish.
Attendees to the event which represented a cross section of oenophiles, top restaurateurs and off premise organizations were very impressed by Garrus and, in many instances, told the Chateau d’Esclans group that they were urged to come taste Garrus. Many could not believe they were drinking Rose, a testimony to the sophisticated craftsmanship that goes into making Garrus which is arguably the world’s finest Rose!