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EXCLUSIVE: How Andy Cohen refused an invitation into Cher’s bedroom, fueled a feud between Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez and was flashed by a Real Housewives star – Bravo’s Andy Cohen dishes on the endless rotation of divas in his life

As the mastermind of all the Bravo housewives shows and a personal friend to so many stars, it’s no surprise that Andy Cohen’s life is a riot of divas.
And in his revealing new diary, Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries it seems every other page involves a diva eruption.
Cohen and supermodel Naomi Campbell are good friends, texting back and forth all the time, strolling arm in arm into high profile events.
But when Cohen, 48, cancelled an evening out with Campbell because he was just so busy – there was a sudden there silence. A really loud silence.
At one point, he was told Campbell, 46, was out of the country, but then he saw a picture of her at an AmfAR event in New York City.
‘She must be pissed at me!’ he writes in his diary, which dates from September 2014 to May 2016, adding that he’s kind of excited to have Campbell explode at him at some future date.
After all, she’s known for her towering rages.
Unfortunately, when they finally ran into each other at CAA superagent Kevin Huvane’s party in Los Angeles, rather than hurling a cell phone at his head, Campbell used only her words.
‘I’m so mad at you! You blew me off so bad!’ Campbell pouted. The two then talked things out, and Cohen left in good standing, though somewhat disappointed.

A reluctant Cher even perked up when he told her she could to do the show from home. But she began worrying about her haters, and just how many more people would hate her if they ever heard what she actually thought about things.
Cohen remained hopeful, though, and thought it wise not to overstay his welcome.
That’s why he turned down her assistant, Paulette Howell, when she said, ‘You gotta see Cher’s bedroom!’
Moments later in his car, Cohen asked himself: ‘What the f**k was I thinking?’ He’s often berated himself since.
But the upshot was that Cher and Cohen are now text-buddies.
When Cohen was in rehearsal for Lip Sync Battle, Cher texted a lengthy stage directions for his performance of her song, ‘I Found Someone’.
Her text ended, ‘Step into my G-String for 3 MIN!’
Sometimes, he finds himself the man in the middle, torn between two divas. Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez, to be specific.