The Wine Atelier Podcast Episode #11: Paul Chevalier and the Rise of Chateau D’Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé


It just wouldn’t be Rosé Month without Paul Chevalier. And by that I mean it literally wouldn’t be! It’s quite possible that without Paul’s efforts over the past decade, none of us would have ever heard of a little rosé named Whispering Angel, the pink juggernaut that rocked the wine world and essentially become the poster-wine for the #RoseRevolution.

As National Fine Wine Director for Shaw-Ross Imports, Paul’s collaboration with Sacha Lichine, son of Bordeaux legend Alexis Lichine and owner of Chateau D’Esclans, launched this brand and rosé in general into the stratosphere of popularity and changed how rosé wine was viewed around the world.

In our timely interview, Paul explains first and foremost what makes Provencal rosé so unique. He also shares his thoughts on the rise of rosé over the past ten years and speculates as to where it’s headed in the future. He also shares exciting information on Chateau D’Esclans’ latest project which involves a partnership with the glamorous Fontainebleau Hotel in South Beach.

I’m so excited for you to hear my interview with Paul Chevalier so please kick back, pour yourself a glass of something Provencal and pink, and press play for all the details!


1.) Our amazing visit to Chateau D’Esclans in Provence.
2.) “The Truth About Rosé” – my Fox News article with more on the Chateau D’Esclans story.
3.) “Wines of the Week” on Facebook LIVE: “The Rosés of Provence”
4.) A glamorous Chateau D’Esclans Rosé Brunch Hosted by Martha Stewart and Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten at the South Beach Wine + Food Festival.

By Stephanie Miskew